complex systems
Theoretical Solid State Physics

Group leader: Juhász Róbert

The Complex Systems Research Group deals with the cooperative behavior, ordering,  equilibrium and far from equilibrium dynamics of interacting systems with many degrees of freedom. Our main research topics are the following. 

1. Disordered quantum magnets                             

  • application and development of the strong disorder renormalization group method                          
  • critical behavior of long-range interacting systems
  • ground state entanglement in inhomogeneous systems

2. Ground state of interacting classical and quantum systems

  • periodic ordering at finite temperatures
  • consequences of Galilei invariance on the ground state superfluidity and ordering

3. Nonequilibrium relaxation of quantum systems

  • quench dynamics in closed systems
  • dynamics of open systems in a fluctuating field

4. Quantum Hall effect

  • study of anomalous quantum Hall effect and topologically protected edge states

5. Dynamics in nonequilibrium models and networks

  • dynamics and phase transitions of stochastic many-particle systems (lattice gases, models of population dynamics)
  • dynamical processes on complex networks


Annual report 2017:


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