ESA Business Incubation Centre and ESA National Technology Transfer Initiative were introduced at the 56th Economist Congress

The 56th Economist Congress was organized on 6th-8th September, 2018. in Debrecen. At the 3-days event, the program of which was built up from plenary sessions and section meetings, among the topics the STARTUPS were also covered. Zsuzsanna Tandi, Head of the ESA Business Incubation Centre Hungary and ESA National Technology Transfer Initiative Hungary presented the operation of the office for the large audience. 

3rd Open Call for Proposals

European Space Agency is opened the 3rd call for demonstrators:

There will be a total of three selection waves, or until funding is not available. In order to be eligable for consideration in the next wave, please submit your proposal before: CET 12:00 on November 30th.                          

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our office:


H- Space 2018 Conference - Budapest, BME

H-Space 2018 conference was held on 15 and 16 February 2018, the fourth time at the Technical University of Budapest. At this international space research conference, scientific, technological and educational issues of space and space activities are dealt with by renowned experts. The event also provides an opportunity for a wide publicity of the scientific activity of Hungarian researchers and their educational and dissemination activities related to space.

International opportunity for Hungarian innovators: The European Space Agency brings a successful technology transfer model to Hungary

Hungary has become a new member of ESA (European Space Agency) technology transfer network December 6 2016 which works throughout Europe on facilitating innovations, systems and know-how of space technology in non-space areas, thus also in everyday life. The membership enables our country to become a party to the activity of the largest European space organisation. To this notification hungary organised a Press Conference in Hungarian Academy of Science January 12 2017.