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ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office has established initiatives for space technologies to be identified and adapted for non-space use that result in commercially viable products and high potential companies. 

As part of efforts to promote the use of space technologies in ESA Member States, a Permanent Open Call for Technology Transfer Proposals (“Technology Transfer Demonstrator Competition 2017-2019”, hereinafter called “Demonstrator Call”) has been opened in Hungary. MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics [MTA Wigner RCP} has been entrusted by ESA to set up, implement and manage it. The Technology Transfer Demonstrators are directed specifically towards the determination and elimination of technical risk particular to the new terrestrial application.  

The Call allows both space and non-space organizations or consortium thereof or individuals to submit proposals to develop technology transfer demonstrators. Participation to the Call shall be opened to all citizens, residents with a permanent working permit and Legal Entities within Hungary.

Through this Call, MTA Wigner RCP invites Hungarian Applicants to submit proposals for demonstrators regarding the transfer of a space technology into a non-space application.

The results of this Call will be made available to ESA’s Member States on request to allow them to fund additional proposals from national resources if they so desire.


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