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ESA (European Space Agency) technology transfer network works Europe-wide on facilitating the transfer of innovations, systems and know-how from the  space industry to  non-space areas, thus also to benefit  everyday life.

The Technology Transfer Offices of ESA use a network of technology brokers to assess market needs for potential exploitation of space technologies. Technology transfer is operated through National Technology Transfer Offices which also support technology transfer initiatives.

Local experts of technology transfer are part of the Europe-wide network of technology brokers. The technology transfer brokers are responsible for the effective execution of the programme promoting and launching national projects. The main elements of  the international Technology Transfer Programme of ESA are:

  • space inventions covered by patents available for industry use,
  • broker network in 16 European countries (including Hungary): transfer and use of space technology information, special materials, expertise and services in non-space industries, 
  • supporting start-ups,
  • enabling investment support.

The technology transfer network in Hungary are composed of experts whose knowledge and extensive connection facilitate international information exchange; and pursue new developments where there is a potential for commercial exploitation of cutting edge space technologies. Connecting Hungary to this top European organisation, you can benefit from broker network’s activities.

The goal of this co-operation is to enable our experts to identify and support (even through funding) initiatives and early phase projects in the field of space technology aiming to develop new products or services.

Our network encourages Hungarian entrepreneurs to launch business abroad. Also, our objectives are to contribute to the economic development of our country, to strengthen business, create jobs, and help to launch new ventures.

The National Technology Transfer Point is in the Wigner Research Centre of Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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