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Topic: General

Is there any limit for the number of consortiums?

No, but each member of the  consortium should receive some portion of the grant.

Where can I get help or information with regard to the application? 

For information in Hungarian, you can reach us through the phone number shown on www.wigner.mta.hu/esa/ website. If you prefer writing, please send us an email to esa-info@wigner.mta.hu. Note, any written communication via email must be in English.


Topic: professional content

What type of activities can I propose for the project?

The call does not limit the activities as long as the proposed activity is strictly related to the goal described in the proposal.


Topic: budget

What currency should I use to prepare the budget?

The budget must be calculated in EUR.

What can be the maximum total budget of the proposal?

The winning proposal may be awarded a maximum amount of 32.500 EUR.  The total budget may exceed this amount in which case the applicants must be able to finance all the costs not covered by the grant.

What is the aid intensity of the grant?

The winning project may receive a maximum amount of 32.500EUR. No own resource is required as long as the project‘s cost does not exceed this amount.


Topic: submission, requirements

Do I need to submit a hard copy of the application?

No. Send your application electronically to esa-info@wigner.mta.hu.


Topic: contract, recording and reporting

What happens after submission of the proposal?

An international evaluation committee assesses the proposals. Those applicants whose proposal is scored 60 or above will be invited for an interview to discuss the project in detail.