NKFI FK 124723J From topologically protected states to a topological quantum computer (J.
Asbóth, 2017-2021)
NKFI PD 120975 Dynamics of hybrid quantum systems (O. Kálmán, 2016-2019)
NKFI K 124351 Dynamics and measurement of coherent and open quantumoptical networks
(T. Kiss, 2017-2021)
National Excellence Program for Quantum Technology, HunQuTech Consortium:
Preparation, distribution of quantum bits and development of quantum information
networks (2017-1.2.1-NKP-2017-00001, 2017-2021)
International cooperation
Technical University, Darmstadt (Gernot Alber) – Dynamics and Control of Quantum
Networks (T. Kiss)
Czech Technical University in Prague (Igor Jex) – Iterative dynamics of quantum systems (T.
University of Osnabrück – Small polarons in luminescent LiNbO3: From bulk crystals to
nanocrystals (Z. Kis)


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