Senior members

Zoltán Bajnok
image of Bajnok Zoltán

group leader

Integrable aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence, integrable QFTs, integrable spin chains, perturbed CFTs

János Balog
image of Janos Balog

scientific advisor

2 dim integrable models, AdS/CFT integrability, sigma models, lattice field theory

Árpád Hegedűs
image of Arpad Hegedus

senior research fellow

AdS/CFT integrability, integrable models

Postdoctoral fellows

Michael Abbott
image of Michael

Postdoctoral fellow

AdS/CFT integrability

Saeedeh Sadeghian
image of Saeedeh Sadeghian

postdoctoral fellow

Gravity, asymptotic symmetries

PhD students

Tamás Gombor
image of Tamas

PhD. student

Algebraic Bethe Ansatz, boundary spin chains, integrable models

Márton Lájer
image of Marci

PhD. student

Truncated Hilbert space approach, integrable models

István Vona
image of Istvan Vona

PhD. student

Finite size effects, form factors

Former members

Zoltán Kökényesi
image of Zotlán Kökényesi

PhD. student

Topological string theory

Chao Wu
image of Chao

post-doctoral fellow

Fluid gravity correspondence

Haryanto Siahaan
image of Haryanto

post-doctoral fellow

Gravity, black holes, Kerr/CFT correspondence

Gábor Zsolt Tóth
image of Gabor

research fellow

Conformal field theories, integrable models, gravity

Gábor Pusztai
image of Gabor Pusztai

research fellow

Integrable many-particle systems, Yang--Baxter-type equations and r-matrices, group theoretical methods in physics

László Holló
image of Laci

PhD. student

Integrable defects, boundary and defect form factor program, integrability in AdS/CFT, financial mathematics

Minkyoo Kim
image of Minkyoo

post-doctoral fellow

Integrable deformation of AdS/CFT integrability, relation between classical and quantum integrability

József Konczer
image of Jozsi

PhD. student

AdS/CFT integrability, classical form factors

Francesco Buccheri
image of Francesco

post-doctoral fellow

Integrable models, form factors, finite temperature epansion

Zoltán Laczkó
image of Zoli

BSc. student

Integrable models, boundary form factors