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Industrial Liaison Officers (ILO's) are appointed by CERN's Member States to facilitate the flow of communication between CERN and its suppliers. As an appointed ILO I am trying to advertise the opportunities available for doing busiess with CERN among the Hungarian firms. I am visiting companies in Hungary, I am organizing visits of their representatives to CERN in order to hold an introductory presentation of their company, get to know CERN's profile, and make face-to-face contacts. All companies who want to find out if their profile matches CERN's demands, and are ready to step into this competitive international research environment are encouraged to contact me at any of my availabilities. CERN maintains a public supplier database, which is used internally as a basis for searching suppliers for a given tender or order on one hand, and can be accessed and searched publicly by companies looking for partners in a specific field, on the other hand. Registration into this database can be done here and only takes a few minutes. https://procurement.web.cern.ch/en/who-to-contact-in-your-country