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The fortune message of the day:
A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me. I'm afraid of widths.
Steven Wright


My name is József Kadlecsik. I love listening blues, especially Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters, hiking in forests and making boat trips. (Once I will boat along the Danube in a kayak starting from the Black Forest and finishing at the sea...) Yeah, one cannot earn much money by these things so otherwise I administer computers in our institute and try to be a not-too-restrictive sysadmin.

On these pages I tried to follow David Siegel's excellent ideas and suggestions on how to produce nice Web pages. Unfortunately I have no access to appropriate tools like Adobe Photoshop to make wonderful graphics - neither have enough time to play with such beasts, therefore you can find only a few images here.

Projects PAM and NSS for clusters


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These pages are optimized for Linux Powered Machines!
(I'm joking :-)

József Kadlecsik