The Wigner Research Centre for Physics celebrated the 121st anniversary of the birth of E.P. Wigner, the 60th anniversary of his Nobel Prize and the 10th anniversary of the foundation of our Research Centre with a scientific conference. The three-day conference was held at the Ensana Thermál Hotel on Margaret Island from 18 to 20 September with more than 200 participants.



The conference was opened by Péter Lévai, Director General of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics. As a fitting conclusion to the commemoration of Jenő Wigner and the past decade, a short film was shown, sent by Tamás Novák, TéT Attaché in New York, who laid a wreath at E.P. Wigner's grave in Princetown on behalf of our Research Centre.

The scientific programme began with talks by eminent invited foreign guests such as Wolfgang Schleich (University of Ulm), Tamás Gombosi (University of Michigan), Vitor Cardoso (Niels Bohr Institute) and Ferenc Krausz (Max Planck Institute).

Gombosi Tamás

Tamás Gombosi

During the three days, each of the groups in our Research Centre had the opportunity to show their work and the distinguished foreign guests invited by each department enriched the event and demonstrated the extensive international collaboration that characterises our Research Centre. The conference was an excellent presentation of the diverse scientific work done by our research groups day to day. The event was a fitting conclusion to the past ten years of our Research Centre and the opening of the next successful decade.


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