Aranka Derzsi is the winner of the Noah Hershkowitz Early Career Award in 2019. This Award and Review is an initiative from Plasma Sources Science and Technology (PSST), "which acknowledges a researcher who early in his/her career has demonstrated excellence and innovation in their research on topics published by PSST". The winner also will be invited to join the PSST Editorial Board for a two year term.

As they wrote: " Aranka Derzsi is a well-known expert in the field of low temperature plasma science, and her work has resulted in major insights into the fundamental physics of low-pressure discharges. Her work ranges from kinetic simulations of capacitively coupled radio frequency plasmas to studies of fundamental particle heating dynamics and plasma process control, including multifrequency tailored voltage waveform excitation of RF plasmas, to investigations of the effects of various surface processes on plasma parameters."

Aranka Derzsi

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