Réz iridiumon
Magnetic Fe layers on Iridium. The numbers in the green circles show the numbers of the layers.
Source: Phys. Rev.Lett.119, 037202 – Published 18 July 2017


Three-atomic-layer-thick Fe films on Ir(111).  The layers were heated from about  8K to about room temperature. The experiments reveal  a significant increase of the magnetic period of spin spirals from about 4 nm at 8 K to about 65 nm at room temperature.

Our colleague, Levente Rózsa worked on the experiments with the team in which participated Aurore Finco, Pin-Jui Hsu, André Kubetzka, Elena Vedmedenko, Kirsten von Bergmann, and Roland Wiesendanger.

The research group published its results in the Physical. Review Letters: "Temperature-Induced Increase of Spin Spiral Periods" Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 037202 – Published 18 July 2017.

"Modern computer technology is based on the transport of electric charge in semiconductors. But this technology's potential will be reaching its limits in the near future, since the components deployed cannot be miniaturized further. But, there is another option: using an electron's spin, instead of its charge, to transmit information." Science Daily




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The article is available here.