High-energy heavy-ion physics is connected to a large variety of physics disciplines, therefore researches made into this direction possess a large variety. The research directions range from the fundamental concepts of classical and modern thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, and quantum theory to perturbative and non-perturbative QCD, high-energy nuclear effects, hadronization and hadron phenomenology. Our results are essential for understanding the physics processes in large-scale facilities (e.g. CERN-LHC, BNL-RHIC) and giving prediction for upcoming or planned facilities (like GSI-FAIR, Dubna-NICA), they also help to shed light on the history of the eary universe and the inner structure of compact stars.

We have established international theoretical collaborations with Goethe Institute (Germany), LBNL (USA), CCNU (China), UNAM (Mexico), and ERI (Japan).

The group's main research directions are the following:

Also we are involved in educational and PR activities.