The MTA WIGNER RCP in collaboration with The University of Tokyo - has signed a Material Transfer and License Agreement with the Japanese giant, NEC Corp. (Nippon Electric Company).

The Agreement aims towards the implementation of the Muography visualization technology by research of a prototype.

The Muography technology can see through gigantic objects such as volcanoes - using  "muons" to visualize them through using the velocity difference of muons in different rocks, holes, etc. The Muography could be used later for monitoring roads, railroads, bridges, etc. too.

In fact, the detectors which were developed at Wigner RCP are the "sensors" of a future marketable product, to which NEC will contribute with its speciality: network of the analysing and interpreting IT system.

The collaboration is particularly important since the interest of NEC is mainly to understand the quality of the artificial structures (bridges, tunnels), beyond those scientifically inspired studies such as volcano or cave research.


The innovative Muography technology was developed by the "Innovative Gaseous Detector Development Group" of MTA Wigner RCP.

Group members of Muography project: Surányi Gergely, Barnaföldi Gergely és Hamar Gergő, Varga Dezső


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