Előadó: Deniz Nitt (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Az előadás témája: Theory of higher spin fields and its application in phenomenology

Az előadás időpontja: 2021. október 1., 14 óra

Helyszín: 3-as épület, Tanácsterem


The theory of higher spin fields does not only offer a description of particles like the gravitino and graviton, but also finds employment in effective theories such as pion induced reactions or heavy-ion collisions, where high spin nucleon and delta resonances appear. We will give an overview of this complex topic, starting from Poincaré symmetries with a focus on Rarita-Schwinger fields, causality problems (Velo-Zwanziger) and possible solutions (Pascalutsa, Napsuciale/Kirchbach) for them.