Előadó: Ujj László (University of West Florida (host: Kovács László))

Előadás címe: Contribution to the coherent Raman and four-wave mixing field

Dátum: 2022. május 24., 10:00,

Helyszín: 1-es épület Tanácsterem, illetve online: https://wigner-hu.zoom.us/j/81517238660?pwd=c0xDem1jamxUM1ptQ0RlYU1IRW0… Meeting ID: 815 1723 8660 Passcode: 551308


The presentation will start with a brief historical introduction to coherent Raman spectroscopy with particular emphasis on the physical basis of the scattering. Then it will be shown that a few significant findings of his former pioneering results of applications of the method on photoactive proteins got support from recent time-resolved X-ray diffraction measurements. The tasks needed to get reliable measurements and the necessary data processing of coherent Raman spectra will be discussed. His recent recognition of the usefulness of 3-color two-beam coherent Raman scattering to measure low-frequency vibrational spectra will be detailed. The lecture will describe the necessary steps to apply the method to measure low-frequency phonon spectra of crystalline samples and present the first results on unique crystals.