Előadó: Hartmann Péter (Wigner FK SZFI)

Előadás címe: Magnetic effects in gas discharge plasmas

Dátum: 2022. október 25., 10 óra

Helyszín: 1-es épület Tanácsterem

Motivated by recent magnetized dusty plasma experiments at Auburn University and the University of Greifswald we have adopted our GPU-accelerated electrostatic cylindrical 2D Particle-in-Cell with Monte Carlo Collision simulations to describe charged particle transport in capacitively coupled radio frequency discharges in axisymmetric homogeneous magnetic field of up to a few Tesla in magnitude. Microscopic details of the observed phenomena, like filamentation, imposed dust structure formation and light emission profiles have been computed and compared to the experiments. We have performed additional experiments ourselves to provide a direct quantitative comparison, and with this a proper validation of our simulations.