A new book describes muography, an imaging technique that can be used to visualize the internal density composition of geological structures, has been published in Geophysical Monograph Series of the American Geophysical Union. Authors of the book are László Oláh (main editor, University of Tokyo), Hiroyuki K. M. Tanaka (co-author, University of Tokyo), Dezső Varga (co-author, Wigner RCP) and other researchers of the discipline.

Müográfia könyv címoldal


Many geophysical structures, processes, and material movements are hidden from plain sight so imaging them can be challenging for scientists. One new technique, muography, allows scientists to visualize the internal makeup of solid geological structures at high resolution. A book just published in AGU’s Geophysical Monograph Series, Muography: Exploring Earth’s Subsurface with Elementary Particles, explores the application of this technique and how it can be used in conjunction with traditional observational methods.

Editors present their books deeply on the blog of AGU Eos magazine: https://eos.org/editors-vox/high-definition-imaging-of-the-subsurface-with-cosmic-ray-muons

(Source: AGU Eos magazine)