Speaker: Sam Van Thurenhout (Wigner FK)

Title: Basis transformation properties of anomalous dimensions for hard exclusive processes

Place: Wigner FK RMI Building 3, Meeting room

Date: 1 December 2023, 14:00


The anomalous dimensions of composite QCD operators characterize the scale dependence of non-perturbative parton distributions. Their computation involves the renormalization of the partonic operator matrix elements and, in the context of hard exclusive scattering processes, requires one to take into account mixing with total-derivative operators. To deal with this issue, one can choose a suitable basis for the operators that simplifies certain aspects of the computation. In this talk we set up the explicit similarity transformations between two such bases which are well known in the literature. This way, one can use the properties of both bases to their advantage in the computation of the operator anomalous dimensions and perform valuable cross-checks of independent calculations. Several applications of our new transformation rule will also be discussed during the talk.