Speaker: Sergei P. Maydanyuk (Wigner RCP)

Title: Synthesis of elements in compact stars in pycnonuclear reactions with Carbon isotopes

Date: 26 May 2023, 14:00

Place: Building 2, Media room
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Purpose: Conditions of formation of compound nuclear system needed for synthesis of heavy nuclei in pycnonuclear reactions in compact stars are studied on quantum mechanical basis. Methods: Method of multiple internal reflections is generalized for pycnoreactions in compact stars with new calculations of quasibound spectra and spectra of zero-point vibrations. Results: Peculiarities of the method are analyzed for reactions with isotopes of Carbon. The developed method takes into account continuity and conservation of quantum flux (describing pycnonuclear reaction) inside the full spacial region of reaction including nuclear region. This gives appearance of new states (called as quasibound states), in which compound nuclear systems of Magnesium are formed with the largest probability. These states have not been studied yet by other researchers in study of synthesis of elements in stars. Energy spectra of zero-point vibrations and spectra of quasibound states are estimated with high precision for reactions with isotopes of Carbon. Conclusions: Probability of formation of compound nuclear system in quasibound states in pycnonuclear reaction is essentially larger than probability of formation of this system in states of zero-point vibrations studied by Zel'dovich and followers of that idea. Therefore, synthesis of more heavy nuclei of Magnesium from isotopes of Carbon is essentially more probable in quasibound states than in states of zero-point vibrations in compact stars.