Speaker: Yoshikazu Nagai (Eötvös University, Budapest)

Title: Understanding Neutrino Beams for the Precision Era of Neutrino Physics

Date: 15 May 2023, 10:00

Place: Buildng 2, Media room


In current measurements of accelerator-based neutrino experiments, neutrino flux uncertainties represent a leading systematic uncertainty. Neutrino beams are created from the decays of hadrons produced in hadron-nucleus interactions. The primary and secondary hadron production processes are the leading source of the flux uncertainty of neutrino beams, therefore, precise hadron production data are essential to constrain the flux uncertainty. The neutrino program of the NA61/SHINE at CERN’s SPS conducts a series of dedicated measurements for this purpose.

This talk will first review the current status of accelerator-based neutrino experiments, particularly for neutrino flux prediction of the T2K experiment, with published NA61/SHINE’s hadron production data. The talk will then review the recent news and future plans of the NA61/SHINE’s neutrino program, including the possibility to extend the physics program beyond the ongoing data taking. Lastly, the talk will briefly discuss the impact of improved flux knowledge for the next-generation neutrino experiments and introduce the activities of ELTE’s neutrino group towards the goal.