The High Energy Physics Conference of the European Physical Society was held in Venezia between 7-12 July 2017. The venue of the Conference is the world famous white building of the Palazzo del Cinema on Lido Island. During one week 900 high energy physicists gathered together to overview and discuss the latest results on Higgs particle, precision measurements of the parameters of the Standard Model, possible channels of discovering supersymmetric particles, appearance of Beyond Standard Model phenomena, cosmic rays, neutrinos, quark-gluon plasma, gravitational waves detection, new challenges in infocommunications and data handling, data storage.



EPS HEP Conference is famous to give a good tip for the next Nobel prize winners with the award of the EPS HEP Prize. This year Erik  H.M.  Heijne , Robert  Klanner, and Gerhard  Lutz have been received this prestigious prize “for their pioneering contributions to the development of silicon microstrip detectors that revolutionised  high precision tracking and vertexing in high energy physics experiments”.

(On the picture from left to right: Yves Sirois, chairman of EPS HEP Board, Robert Klanner, Erik H.M.  Heijne, díjazottak, Rüdiger Voss, chairman of EPS)

(From left to right: Yves Sirois, chairman of EPS HEP Board, Robert Klanner, Erik H.M.  Heijne, Rüdiger Voss, chairman of EPS)


The 2017 Gribov Medal (established by the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society in 2001 for the EPSHEP 2001) was also awarded for outstanding work of a young physicist in Theoretical Particle Physics and/or Field Theory. This year Simon Caron-Huot from McGill University (Canada) has been received the Medal “for his groundbreaking contributions to the understanding of the analytic structure of scattering amplitudes and their relation to Wilson loops.”



(From left to right: Yves Sirois, chairman of EPS HEP Board, Simon Caron-Huot, from McGill University (Canada),  Dr. Péter József Lévai, Director General, MTA Wigner RCP)

Congratulations for the prize winners, who were invited to visit Budapest in the near future and give a talk in seminars to the Hungarian audience.


About Gribov Medal:

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The Gribov Medal is an award founded by the MTA Wigner RCP and the Eötvös Loránd Physics Society in 2001, at the European Physics Society's EPS-HEP Conference, organised in Budapest at the time. Since then, the award winner has been chosen from the most talented theoretical physicists under the age of 35.


Award winners up to present


2017 - Simon Caron-Huot

2015 - Pedro G. Vieira

2013 - Zohar Komargodski

2011 - Davide Gaiotto

2009 - Freddy Cachazo

2007 - Niklas Beisert

2005 - Matias Zaldarriaga

2003 - Nima Arkani-Hamed

2001 - Steven Gubser