The SZFI Applied Research Award rewards high-standard R&D carried out at the FK SZFI. The entries are evaluated by a jury of three experts working in applied research. The following factors are taken into account at the evaluation:


  • The scientific and technical level of R&D (the measuring system, the equipment, tools, methods and technology) and the effective use of the financial resources dedicated to implementing it.
  • Applying novel solutions and publishing them as patents or articles.
  • The practical usefulness and usability of the developed equipment, tools and methods.
  • The usefulness of the work for the SZFI, increasing the good reputation of the institution.

The award is presented once a year, at the Festival of Hungarian Science.


Award winners up to present

2020 - Attila Nagy

2017 - László Himics, Róbert Szipőcs

2016 - Benedek Nagy and Viktória Csajbók (shared) and László Bencs

2015 - Róbert Szipőcs, Attila Nagy, Miklós Veres, Attila Kerekes, István Rigó

2014 - was not awarded

2013 - was not awarded

2012 - Ihor Korolov

2011 - Péter Dombi and Péter Rácz (shared)

2010 - János Füzi, Attila Nagy

2009 - was not awarded

2008 - was not awarded

2007 - Pável Kamasa

2006 - Miklós Füle, Sára Tóth and Miklós Veres (shared)

2005 - was not awarded

2004 - Mezei Pál és Cserfalvi Tamás (shared)

2003 - Gergely Bánó, László Péter

2002 - was not awarded

2001 - was not awarded

2000 - Aladár Czitrovszky, Kárpát Ferencz and Róbert Szipőcs (shared)