Speaker: Ticijana Ban (Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, vendéglátó: Vukics András)

Title: Multichannel laser cooling of atoms using an optical frequency comb

Place: Building 1, 1st floor meeting room

Date: 22 November 2023, 10.30


Optical frequency combs (FCs) have become an unavoidable source of light in applications ranging from metrology and high-resolution spectroscopy to precision ranging and calibration of atomic spectrographs. In recent years, the applications of FCs have expanded to laser cooling and trapping of atoms and ions, and quantum communication.

In this talk, I will present our results on the FC-atom interaction in the case when the cold atoms are in free space or are placed inside a high-finesse optical cavity. For atoms in free space, FC cooling of neutral atoms [1], and simultaneous dual-species FC cooling [2] is demonstrated. For atoms placed inside a high-finesse optical cavity, a multi-frequency dispersive interaction is observed [3]. As a result of dispersive interaction, the squeezing and broadening of atomic distribution in time-of-flight images is measured.

Our results contribute to the development of novel laser cooling techniques using a single frequency comb source.

[1] N. Šantić, D. Buhin, D. Kovačić, I. Krešić, D. Aumiler, and T. Ban, Sci Rep 6, 2510 (2019).

[2] D. Buhin, D. Kovačić, F. Schmid, M. Kruljac, V. Vulić, T. Ban, and D. Aumiler, Phys. Rev. A 102, 021101(R) (2020).

[3] M. Kruljac, PhD thesis, University of Zagreb 2022.