Adat- és Számításintenzív Tudományok kutatócsoport
Department of Computational Sciences

Group leader: Antal JAKOVÁC

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Publications of the group: link to the database of the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography

The primary goal of the Lab is to create and maintain a laboratory independant of departments and research groups, giving access to state of the art equipment along with the neccessary knowledge and support to accelerate application development, and lend it's services to all researchers of the institute, both those trained in the art of GPGPU programmers, and those who have not invested in learning it alike.

At the moment, multiple groups have one or two researchers capable of writing GPU parallel code related to their field of expertise. These groups all maintain a smaller GPU cluster of their own, fragmenting computational resources. Above maintaining the Lab's euqipment, we aim to gather and organize the knowledge to make use of modern hardware. Above the yearly GPU-Day conference, we plan on creating seminars, where experienced programmers could exchange ideas, share their challanges, minimizing the chance of "reinvention of the wheel" on a daily basis.