The GPU Laboratory of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics is organizing the 10th anniversary GPU Day dedicated to the fields of massively parallel computing, visualization, and data analysis in scientific and industrial applications.

The Conference will take place on October 20-21 -- online from the Wigner Data Center. Academic members can still regiester for free of charge, but registration is required via:



Tuesday, 20th October


8:45-9:20: Opening Talk  (Gergely Barnaföldi, Péter Domokos)

9:20-9:40: Using GPUs in the ELKH cloud (Gy. Mező, J. Kadlecsik)

9:40-10:20: Hastlayer - Implementing on Xilinx Alveo Accelerator Cards (E. Dávid, Z. Lehóczky)

10:50-11:30: Understanding in the artificial intelligence: a mathematical approach (A. Jakovac)

11:30-11:50: Image classification for biodiversity assessment and nature conservation based on acoustic recordings (S. Zsebők)

11:50-12:30: The breakdown of photon blockade: a first-order dissipative quantum phase transition – cloud-based simulation of open quantum systems (A. Vukics)

14:00-14:40: The CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (A. Di Meglio)

14:40-15:00: Critical synchronization dynamics of the Kuramoto model on a large human connectome (G. Ódor)

15:00-15:20: Algorithmic Differentiation of Structured Mesh Applications (G. D: Balogh)

15:20-15:40: Bitwise reproducible execution of unstructured mesh applications (B. Siklósi)

16:00-16:40: The current status of Quantum Computing (Z. Zimborás)

16:40-17:00: Software Environments for Quantum Machine Learning (D. Nagy)

17:00-17:20: Quantum chemical investigation on the metabolism of the endogenous psychedelic N,N-dimethyltryptamine molecule by the monoamine oxidase A enzyme   (K. Kubicskó, Ö. Farkas)

17:20-17:40: Molecular dynamics simulations reveal new aspects of ABCG2 transport and its regulation by cholesterol (T. Nagy)


Wednesday, 21st October


This year there will be an online Satellite Workshop of the GPU Day 2020. The topic of this will be Quantum Programming. The workshop will take place right after the end of the GPU Day on October 21, the schedule is the following:

9:00-9:20: Simulating high-energy heavy-ion collisions in HPC clusters (G. Bíró)

9:20-9:50: High Performance Computing for Nanoplasmonic Laser Fusion (I. Papp)

9:50-10:10: GPU based polytropic star model in the gravitational field of closed binaries  (B. Asztalos)

10:10-10:30: Hydrodynamic Modeling of Protoplanetary Disks with GFARGO2 (K. Kundan)


Satellit Workshop - Quantum Programming - Wednesday, 21st October

Organised by QHungary Team

13:00:  Zoltán Zimborás (Wigner RCP/BME): Introduction, QWorld, QHungary

13:10:  Ákos Budai, András Pályi (BME): Quantum Computing in Practice- with demonstration: programming IBM's quantum computers through the cloud

14:15: Coffee break - free discussion

14:30: János Asbóth (BME/Wigner RCP): Quantum Supremacy

15:05: András Gilyén (Caltech): Quantum-Inspired Classical Algorithms

15:50: Ending

If you are interested, you can find more details including the registration list on the QHungary webpage:

Direct link to registration: