Wigner Café is our science café program cooperation with the Csopa Science Centre. Every time, an invited researcher present his or her life and career. Program always starts at 5 p.m.

The list of the former Wigner Cafés (in Hungarian). You can see the videos on these links:


Address: Space - new challenges in the space research - Pál Gábor,VIZI (2020.01.22)


What the doctors do with the lasers... and with the patients? - Zoltán HORVÁTH (2019.12.11.)

Optics in environmental protection - Szilvia KUGLER (2019.11.27.)

Cosmology: The origin of the World (Big Bang and Creation) - Dezső HORVÁTH (2019.10.30.)

Fusion energy production: dead-end or the Holy Grail - Gábor VERES (2019.09.25.)

COUNTDOWN 2019 and the Apollo 50 exhibition - Pál Gábor VIZI (2019.04.12.)


The second quantum revolution? - Tamás KISS; How to make a Higgs-boson from a card game? - Tamás CSÖRGŐ (2018.12.04.) 

Femtosecond lasers for medical diagnostic (and the Nobel Prize of this year) Róbert SZIPŐCS; BepiColombo is fired - the new spacecraft is going to examine the Mercury - Sándor SZALAI (2018.11.06.)

Wayward brain? How our detections are deceived by our inner world? - Gergő ORBÁN;  What nerve cells talk about in the brain? - Zoltán SOMOGYVÁRI (2018.10.02.) 

The first seconds of the Universe - Mónika VARGA-KŐFARAGÓ; Bring the Sun to the Earth - Tamás SZABOLICS; E.T. - Why next gravity wave detector is being built 100 m underground? - Mátyás VASÚTH (2018.05.28.)

COUNTDOWN 2018 - Day of the Space travel (2018.04.12.)

Molecular movie with ultra-fast cameras- Zoltán NÉMETH (2018.03.26.)

Petting meteorites - Arnold GUCSIK (2018.02.26.)

Miracles in the space - Pál Gábor, VIZI (2018.01.29.)

2016 (as part of Csopa Science Café)

What do gravitational waves send?  - Mátyás VASÚTH (2016.05.10.)

Secrets of space researchers - how it feels to work as a researcher today - János NAGY (2016.04.12.)