Black holes are the most fascinating objects of nature. Creations made out of space and time alone, gatekeepers of domains where everything we know of nature breaks down.

On this page you can find information about my projects aiming to find out their secrets as well as my professional CV.


During my PhD I have developed numerical applications for solving PDEs describing black hole spacetimes. These applications are based on a spectral approach in the angular section combined with a finite difference scheme in the complementing part.

Alternative formulations of the gravitational constraints

Every numerical simulation first needs a meaningful initial data. Just as in case of Maxwell’s equations, our choices regarding initial data are constrained by the field equations. Because of the nonlinear nature of gravity, it is hard to produce a solution with clear physical interpretation.

As gravitational wave detectors continually improve in sensitivity we also have to improve our understanding of the physical content in the initial data. We contribute to this effort by studying the new evolutionary formulation of the constraints.

Linear radiative perturbations around Kerr black holes

Rotating black holes far away from any other objects are best described by the Kerr solution. Its significance is clear if we consider how many astrophysical fenomena is explained by various effects related to this model.

Despite of its importance there are a lot of open questions regarding the Kerr metric.

For more details on these projects follow this link

and if you are interested in the documentation of our codes follow this one.

Also, the codebase of ConstraintSolver is open to the public here.

About Me

Károly Csukás

Professional Experience

I am a physicist at Wigner RCP spending my first postdoc at the University of Mississippi.

You can find my CV following this link, research statement here, as well as my thesis (it is written in hungarian) and its hungarian and english excerpt.


 csukas.karoly at wigner.hu

ORCID:  0000-0002-2408-1103

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