As part of the HUN-REN Welcome Home and Foreign Researcher Recruitment Programme announced for the first time this year by the HUN-REN Secretariat, six Hungarian and one foreign researcher from the international elite will come to Hungary to form research groups at HUN-REN research site to undertake their outstanding scientific projects. Among them, László Oláh, who comes to the HUN-REN Wigner Physics Research Center from the Earthquake Research Institute of The University of Tokyo in Japan.


Oláh László


The Secretariat announced the HUN-REN Welcome Home and Foreign Researcher Recruitment Programme in March 2023, with the aim of engaging researchers, whether Hungarian citizens or foreign nationals working abroad, and bringing them to HUN-REN research institutions. These researchers, selected for their previous scientific achievements and commitment, are expected to have the capability to establish and lead a globally competitive research group during the program's five-year duration.

In the recent years, László Oláh has continued muography research in Japan, which primarily aimed to apply the cosmic muon imaging method in geology, especially for volcanological purposes. László Oláh has maintained a close relationship with the Innovative Detector Development Research Group of HUN-REN Wigner RCP, Dezső Varga and his joint article with several foreign colleagues was recently published in the journal Nature Reviews Methods Primers.

Thanks to the successful application, László Oláh will be able to return to Hungary, where he can continue his research with his newly founded group at the High Energy Physics Department of the HUN-REN Wigner Research Centre for Physics.

We wish him much success in his further work and look forward to seeing him!