Our colleague, Frigyes János Nemes has awarded the CMS Achievement Award, in the CERN. This award was founded by the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment in 2007, the annual Achievement Awards honour individuals who have distinguished themselves by performing significant and lasting contributions to different components of the CMS experiment. This year 28 member get this award from the 5500 colleagues of the CMS.

 Nemes Frigyes János

From left: Harrison Prosper (FSU) Collaboration Board Chair, Frigyes János Nemes, Roberto Carlin, CMS spokesperson(Photo: cern.ch)

Frigyes János Nemes won this award for: "his innovative, original and careful determination of the LHC optics from the PPS data, a key ingredient for all analyses based on PPS information."

A díjazottak

Awarded members of the CMS experiment (Photo: cern.ch)

Frigyes Nemes is a Hungarian member of the CMS and TOTEM experiments of the CERN LHC, member of the Femtoscopy Research Group in Wigner RCP. 


[0] CMS experiment website: https://cms.cern/

[1] The website of the CMS Achievement Awards: https://cms.cern/content/achievement-awards-0

[2] The list of the awarded in 2019 of the CMS Achievement Awards: https://cms.cern/content/achievement-awards-2019  

Wrote by:   Csörgő Tamás, leader of Femtoscopy Research Group

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