The Particles and Plasmas Symposium, PP2024.HU, was held on June 10 - 12
in Budapest in the Parlament room of the hotel Hilton Royal castle



International experts on various plasmas, studied in physics, gathered,
ranging from big-bang nucleosnythesis and quark-gluon plasma through
nuclear fusion and laser-matter interaction, to cold plasmas at the
Galilean moons of Jupiter.

The opening talk was given by Prof. Berndt Müller (Duke University, NC USA)
on thermalization of quantum states in a nonabelian plasma, followed by a historical
review of the quark model by Prof. Willibald Plessas (Uni Graz, Austria).
Prof. Eichmann from the same university reported about the newest theoretical
results on exotic hadrons and light nuclei achieved in the Bethe-Slapeter approach.

Several talks followed, in part reports on high-energy particle physics 
experiments from CERN ALICE and about the nanoplasmonic research on laser 
fusion from the NAPLIFE collaboration. Researchers from the HUN-REN Wigner RCP were 
active both in organizing the conference and in delivering talks. 
Two talks considered the idea of a rotating universe and its consequences.

This series of conferences was held already three times in Budapest
(2022, 2023, 2024), the next year meeting (2025) is planned to move to 
Görlitz or Dresden, Germany or to Wroclaw, Poland.

Berndt Müller