More than 100 physicists from 22 countries participated in the 22. Zimányi School Winter Workshop.  The aim of the program is to summarize the developments of 2022 in high energy heavy ion physics, with particular attention to the new data emerging from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), SPS and J-PARC. Participants also discussed results from other high-energy nuclear and particle physics facilities of the world, most notably lower energy colliders, exploring the nuclear phase diagram (with special attention to FAIR and NICA). Another important point of the School was to discuss important new results in hydrodynamics, flow and femtoscopy. One of the school's main aims was to encourage interaction between the theoretical and experimental communities.

Zimanyi 2022


Maté Csanád (ELTE) resigned from the position of chair of the organizing committee and took over the leading of the international advisory committee. The new chair of the organizing committee has become Péter Kovács (Wigner RCP), and co-chairs have been Dániel Kincses (ELTE) and Sándor Lökös (IFJ PAN Krakkó, MATE).

The main lectures presented the newest results of high- and medium-energy nuclear physics and other interdisciplinary subjects.

A really successful part of the program was the section of the students presented their results on posters and in 3 minutes flash talks. The winner of the best presentation award was Renan Hirayama (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies), while Eliana Marroquin (University of São Paulo) received the best poster prize.

The organization of the school was supported by the Excellence tender of the Natural Science Faculty of the ELTE and the Circles of Knowledge Club.

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