SZFI Publication Award

The SZFI Publication Award rewards publishing research at the Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics (SZFI). Articles published over the previous two calendar years can be submitted. The entries are assessed by a committee nominated by the director. The award is awarded based on the given article's impact factor divided by the reduced number of authors.The Committee recommends the director to  give the award to the entry with the highest reduced impact factor. The director of the Institute informs the SZFI Section of the Wigner Scientific Council, and then makes the decision on according the award, which is presented once a year, at the Festival of Hungarian Science.

Award winners up to present

2020 - Thiering Gergő

2019 - Némethné Pethes Ildikó

2018 - Thiering Gergő

2017 - Bencs László

2016 - Temleitner László

2015 - Tóth Gyula, Varga Lajos

2014 - was not awarded

2013 - Tóth Gyula

2012 - Kutasi Kinga

2011 - Péter László, Hartmann Péter

2010 - Dombi Péter

2009 - Juhász Róbert

2008 - Éber Nándor

2007 - Borondics Ferenc

2006 - Bakonyi Imre

2005 - Varga Lajos Károly

2004 - Kiss László, Pusztai Tamás

2003 - Bakonyi Imre, Donkó Zoltán

2002 - Kis Zsolt

2001 - Tegze Miklós

2000 - Börzsönyi Tamás