A very positive review has been published in Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing about the book of our colleague, László Péter, entitled „Electrochemical methods of nanostructure preparation" published by Springer Nature. It is worth highlighting that the publishers of the monograph and the journal are different.



According to the author of the article, Eva Pellicer (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), this is a unique book of the field. She highlights that László Péter possesses a deep and wide knowledge about this area and his book provides a huge literature background, that's why the monograph is really useful for every reader. She singed also that the structure of the book is very clear, which helps follow the logics of the chapters and elucidate the subjects from the basic to the advanced topics, should it be read in parts or as a whole.

„This book summarizes the electrochemical routes of nanostructure preparation in a systematic and didactic manner. It provides a comprehensive overview of electrodeposition, anodization, carbon nanotube preparation and other methods of nanostructure fabrication, combining essential information on the physical background of electrochemistry with materials science aspects of the field. The book includes a brief introduction to general electrochemistry with an emphasis on Physico-chemical aspects, followed by a description of the sample preparation methods." – as it is written by the recommendation of Springer Nature, confirmed also by Eva Pellicier.

She wrote that László Péter's book is not only encyclopedic but also deep and he "loves tackling the problem at its root". Eva Pellicier mentions her personal acquaintance with László Péter and expresses her appreciation for his professional work.