Press Office:

The Communication Office is responsible for the mainpart of the internal and external communication of the Wigner RCP. They can helpin the communication with the media, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and theEötvös Loránd Research Network. They coordinates the publication of the news onthe website and help in the publication on the website. Communication Office can help in design some brochures and posters, organization of eventsand visits, in the questions about the brand of the Wigner RCP and PR materials.



Csilla DOVICSIN-PÉNTEK (PR, media contacts, website, Facebook)

E-mail: pentek.csilla(kukac)

Phone: +36-1-392-2222/3270

Office: 3. building 111.


Csilla ERDEI (events and visits organization, website)

E-mail: erdei.csilla(kukac)

Phone: +36-1-392-2222/2609

Office: 3. building 111.



Phone: +36-1-392-2222/2609

E-mail: kommunikacio(at)

Dovicsin-Péntek Csilla (pentek.csilla(at)

Csilla Erdei (erdei.csilla(at)