"For 70 years, the scientific student circle activity has been a cornerstone of the Hungarian higher education talent care system. The National Scientific Student Associations' Conferences (OTDK), held every two years, provide an opportunity for tens of thousands of students to present their research at various faculty and institutional rounds in between conferences." (NKFIH)

Our research center considers it an important task to participate in the training of successors, with special attention to the education of exceptionally talented young people. Therefore, every year, they supervise the topics of several students, who often achieve great results in national competitions.


The results of the OTDK achieved under the supervision of our colleagues can be viewed at the following links:

OTDK results in 2023

OTDK results in 2021

OTDK results in 2019

OTDK results in 2017

OTDK results in 2015

OTDK results in 2013