Complex Fluid Research

Department leader
László Péter

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The research group investigates the physical properties of complex fluids using polarizing microscopy, high speed imaging, reometry, electro- and magneto-optics, dielectric spectroscopy and numerical simulations (e.g. discrete element method).
The Electrical Gas Discharge Research Group has four main research fields: Electrostatic gas discharge, Complex plasma, Electrostatic gas discharge for biomedical and nanotechnology purposes, Electrolyte Cathode Atmospheric glow Discharge (ELCAD)
Our research group is involved in the investigation of short-range order of liquids, amorphous materials and disordered crystals. We combine experimental data such as X-ray and neutron diffraction structure factors and EXAFS spectra with computer modeling tools such as Reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.