A new conference series has been started by the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, PP2022 -- Margaret Island Symposium 2022 on Vacuum Structure, Particles, and Plasmas. The first event is still ongoing in the Ensana Hotel Margaret Island in these days.
Researchers at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics predicted that single carbon atom acts as quantum bit in atomically-thin tungsten disulphide, reported in their recent Nature Communication paper. The results pave the way for realization of multi quantum bit logical operations and quantum information processes by defect spins in two-dimensional materials.
An important, new discovery was published by the research group of Péter Dombi at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner R. C. P.), in connection with the so-called tunneling effect. The tunneling effect is an important quantum mechanical phenomenon, which revolutionized physics in the XX. century. The result appeared in Nano Letters, the leading international journal of nanosciences.
A book edited by Gábor Corradi and László Kovács (Crystal Physics Research Group) has been published about lithium niobate crystals entitled "New Trends in Lithium Niobate: From Bulk to Nanocrystals" and published by MDPI. Among other internationally leading scientists of this field our colleagues also contributed two papers to the book.
Our colleague, Dániel Barna is also an author of the article published in the Nature, about the new result of the ASACUSA experiment. A Hungarian researcher, Anna Sótér, was the principal PhD student working on the experiment and is now an assistant professor at ETHZ, but our professor emeritus colleague, Dezső Horvath was also participating in the preparation of the experiment.