Ph.D students

Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

  • G. Balassa, Transport code cevelopment for heavy ion-simulations (Supervisor: Gy Wolf)
  • D. Berényi, Theoretical investigations of the particle production in time-dependent strong fields at the LHC and ELI experiments (Supervisor: P. Lévai)
  • G. Bíró, Investigation of particle production in high-energy heavy-ion collisions (Supervisors: G.G. Barnaföldi and G. Papp)
  • Sz. Karsai, Investigation of the strongly-interacting matter in compact stars (Supervisors: G.G. Barnaföldi and E. Forgács-Dajka)
  • P. Pósfay, Functional renormalization group method for the description of compact stars (Supervisors: G.G. Barnaföldi and A. Jakovác)
  • M.F. Nagy-Egri, Numerical solutions of Einstein equations (Supervisor: I. Rácz)
  • K.Z. Csukás, Initial value formulation of general relativity (Supervisor: I. Rácz)
  • D. Barta, Dispersion of gravitational waves in interstellar media (Supervisor: M. Vasúth)
  • G. Kasza, Search for new exact solutions of fireball fluiddynamics and interpretation of the measurement data of LHC and RHIC accelerators (Supervisor: T. Csörgő, cosupervisor: M. Csanád* )
  • D. Kincses, Search for the critical point of strong interaction (Supervisor: M. Csanád (ELTE), co-supervisor: T. Csörgő)
  • M. Lájer, Investigation of the String Field Theory vertex and boundary extensions of holographic dualities (supervisors Z. Bajnok and L. Palla)
  • T. Gombor, Holography and the gauge gravity duality, (supervisor: Z. Bajnok)
  • Gy. Bencédi, Identification of high-momentum particles with the ALICE detector at the LHC (Supervisor: P. Lévai, ELTE; Advisors: G.G. Barnaföldi, A.O. Velasquez [ICN/UNAM, Mexico City])
  • O. Surányi, Study of the strong interaction with the CMS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (Supervisors: F. Siklér, G.I. Veres)
  • É. Oláh, Particle physics teaching (Supervisors: D. Horváth, D. Varga)
  • M. Novák, Design and construction of a high-field superconducting septum magnet for the Future Circular Collider (Supervisor: D. Barna)
  • K. Brunner, Design and realization of an RF impedance measurement system at cryogenic temperature (Supervisor: D. Barna)
  • M. Papp, Experimental and theoretical investigation of transitional-metal based functional molecules (Supervisor: G. Vankó)
  • D. Réfy, Beam emission spectroscopy measurements to support understanding of Hmode of fusion plasmas (Supervisor: S. Zoletnik)
  • M. Dósa, Space weather at the inner planets (Supervisors: G Erdős, K Szegő)
  • A. Timár, Solar wind effects around a comet- investigations based on Rosetta measurements (Supervisor: Z. Németh)
  • M. Máté, Studying strongly correlated systems using quantum information theory and tensor network state methods (Supervisors: Ö. Legeza, Sz. Szalay)
  • Á. Vida, Preparation and investigation of multiphase high entropy alloys (Supervisor: L. K. Varga)
  • P. Udvarhelyi, Ab initio calculation of magneto-optical parameters in solid-state qubits (Supervisor: Á. Gali) 
  • B. Korbuly, Phase-field modeling of complex polycrystalline patterns (Supervisor: L. Gránásy)
  • L. Rátkai, Dynamics of crystalline self-organization within continuum theory (Supervisor: T. Pusztai)
  • D. Datz, Chemical modification and near-field infrared microscopy of two-dimensional materials (Co-supervisor: Á. Pekker)
  • S. Zsurzsa, Preparation and properties of nanowires (Supervisor: I. Bakonyi)
  • V.A. Isnaini, Magnetic and magnetotransport properties of nanoscale ferromagnetic heterostructures (Supervisor: I. Bakonyi)
  • P. Magyar, Response functions and collective excitations of strongly coupled plasmas (Supervisor: Z. Donkó)
  • K. Bajnok, 5-7th century pottery production in transdanubia (Supervisors: L. Rosta, T. Vida* and Gy. Szakmány* )
  • L. Kocsor, Preparation and characterization of rare-earth-doped crystals (Supervisors L. Péter and K. Sinkó* )
  • É- Tichy-Rács, Synthesis, crystallization and spectroscopic investigation of rare-earth alkali borate scintillator materials (Supervisor: K. Lengyel)
  • G. Kónya, Many-body physics in cavity QED (Supervisor P. Domokos)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • G. Nyitrai, High-performance muography (Supervisor: D. Varga)
  • D. Szemes, Dynamics of light-activated functional molecules studied with ultrafast spectroscopy (Supervisor: G. Vankó)
  • M. Lampert, Characterizing edge-plasma turbulence on the KSTAR tokamak with beam emission spectroscopy (Supervisor: S. Zoletnik)
  • A. Buzás, Investigation of L-H transitions in fusion plasmas (Supervisor: A. Bencze)
  • Ö. Asztalos, Beam emission spectroscopy diagnostics modelling (Supervisor: G. Pokol)
  • G. Cseh, Investigation of transient processes in hot plasmas (Supervisor: G. Kocsis)
  • D.R. Cserpán, Estimation of input signals based on multielectrode array measurements (Supervisor: Z. Somogyvári)
  • P. Balla, Optical properties of magnetic materials (Supervisor: K. Penc)
  • A. Csóré, Investigation of paramagnetic point defects in silicon carbide with atomic-level computational simulation (Supervisor: Á. Gali)
  • Gy. Károlyházy, Controlled manufacturing of point defects in silicon carbide (Supervisor: Á. Gali)
  • F. Podmaniczky, Dynamics of solidification, pattern and defect formation in phase-field crystal theories (Supervisor: L. Gránásy)
  • G. Németh, Near-field infrared spectroscopy on two-dimensional systems (Supervisor: K. Kamarás)
  • A.C. Cadena Nogales, Spectroscopic study of BN nanotube based hybrid nanostructure (Supervisor: K. Kamarás)
  • M.D. Özeren, Photovoltaic study of perovskite-carbon nanocomposites (Supervisor: K. Kamarás)
  • D. Nagy, Rheology of non-spherical granular particles (Supervisor: E. Somfai)
  • T. Szarvas, Modeling of wave propagation and quantum optical processes in structured dielectrics (Supervisor: Z. Kis) 

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

  • U.U. Almasbek, The synthesis of composite nanoparticles and properties of the nanostructures formed in dusty plasma in electric discharges of different gas mixtures. The synthesis and properties of nanomaterials in complex gas-discharge plasma (Cosupervisor: P. Hartmann)
  • R. Masheeva, Computer modeling and investigation of dusty plasmas in external electric and magnetic fields (Co-supervisor: Z. Donkó)

Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland

  • M. Piotrovska, Study of conventional and non-conventional scalar and vector mesons, (Supervisors: P. Kovács and F. Giacosa* )

Óbuda University, Budapest

  • D. Földes, Preparation and characterisation of new metal-organic frameworks (Supervisors: É. Kováts and S. Pekker)

Semmelweis University, Budapest

  • E. Pálfi, Neural basis of the tactile perception in the somatosensory S1 area (Supervisor: L. Négyessy)
  • Zs. Benkő, Causality analysis to reveal the dynamics, based on multichannel electrode measurements (Supervisor: Z. Somogyvári)
  • Mir YM, Neural basis of tactile object perception in the SI somatosensory cortex. (Supervisor: L. Négyessy)
  • N. Kiss, Application of nonlinear microscopy for investigation of skin tumours and rare genetic connective tissue disorders (Supervisors: N. Wikonkál*  and R. Szipőcs)
  • L. Fésüs, The effects of UV-light radiation on the physiological and pathological processes of the skin, on tumour development and its control mechanisms (Supervisors: N. Wikonkál*  and R. Szipőcs)

University of Physical Education, Budapest

  • P. Katona, The effect of kinematic parameters on the electrical activity of thigh muscles during cycling (Supervisor J. Laczkó)

Szent István University Gödöllő

  • T. Baross, Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) welding in fusion relevant environment (Supervisor: G. Veres)

University of Debrecen

  • J. Karancsi, Search for new particles with the CMS detector at the LHC (co-advisor: V. Veszprémi)

University of Pécs

  • D. Jakab, Exotic phases and quantum phase transitions in many-body systems (Supervisors: G. Szirmai and Z. Zimborás)
  • L.Á. Somlai, Study of rotating neutron stars (Supervisor: M. Vasúth) 
  • K. Varga-Umbrich, Study of coherent excitation and ionization of alkali atoms by strong laser pulses. (Supervisor: M.A. Kedves)
  • M.A. Pocsai, Ab-initio quantum mechanical simulations to study photoionisation processes of rubidium atoms interacting with short and intense laser pulses (Supervisor: I. Barna)
  • M. Mravcsik, Biological movement control and human-machine interface (Supervisor: J. Laczkó)
  • L. Botzheim, Biological movement control and human-machine interface (Supervisor: J. Laczkó)
  • I. Zsenák, Biomechanics of the adaptation of human limb movements to altered external physical environment (Supervisor: J. Laczkó) 
  • A. Walter, Studies on the moisture-dependent spread of injection agents for reinforcing construction materials (Supervisors: A. Len, A. Fülöp* )
  • T. Steffgen, Experimental studies building physics investigations of condensation water on plaster surfaces (Supervisors: A. Len, A. Fülöp* )
  • P. Körber, Proof of the effectiveness of water-repellent injection- methods for a subsequent masonry sealing, on the basis of experimental studies on bricks and mortar, using the scanning electron microscope in the ESEM- Mode, as well as in comparison with conventional detection methods (Supervisors: A. Len, E Sz Zoltán* )
  • B. Bódi, Optimization of high harmonic generation (Supervisor: P. Dombi)
  • V. Csajbók, Inducing ultrafast currents in dielectrics (Supervisor: P. Dombi)
  • B. Nagy, Controlling photoelectrons on the nanoscale with plasmonic nanoparticles (Supervisor: P. Dombi)
  • B. Lovász, Ultrafast photoemission from plasmonic nanostructures (Supervisor: P. Dombi)
  • D. Jakab, Quantum phase transitions (Supervisor G. Szirmai)
  • E. Molnár, Generating nonclassical states via coherent-state superpositions (Supervisor: P. Ádám)
  • G. Mogyorósi, Generating nonclassical states in traveling optical fields (Supervisor: P. Ádám)
  • F. Bódog, Optimization of periodic single-photon sources (Supervisor: P. Ádám)

University of Szeged

  • Zs. Kovács, Investigation of ions from the Coulomb explosion of clusters and from the TNSA acceleration of thin solid targets (Supervisor I. Földes)
  • Sz. Hack, Electrons in strong laser fields, attophysics. (Supervisors: S. Varró and A. Czirják* )
  • I. Rigó, Synthesis and characterization of plasmonic nanostructures for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic applications (Supervisor: M. Veres)
  • M. Al-Lami, Investigation of neuron functions using stimulated Raman scattering (Supervisor: M. Veres) 



  • M. Varga-Kőfaragó, Anomalous broadening of jet-peak shapes in Pb-Pb collisions and characterization of monolithic active pixel sensors for the ALICE inner tracking system upgrade (Supervisors: R. Snellings, J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Nederlands)
  • É. Oláh, Particle phyiscs teaching at secondary schools (Supervisor: D. Varga, ELTE, 133 p.)
  • M. Aladi, High-order harmonics generation from noble gases clusters, (Supervisor I. Földes, PTE, 109 p. summa cum laude)
  • M. Lampert, Characterizing edge-plasma turbulence on the KSTAR tokamak with beam emission spectroscopy (Supervisor: S. Zoletnik, BME, 112p)
  • G. Thiering, First-principles study of diamond point defects (Supervisor: Á. Gali, BME, 174p)
  • T. Veres, Investigation of metal multilayers for neutron optics (Supervisors: L. Cser , L. Bottyán, ELTE, 104p)
  • A Szakál, Investigation of applications of atomic resolution neutron holography (Supervisor: L. Cser , BME, 111p)