Előadó: Jorge Ernesto Horvath (IAG-USP, São Paulo)

Előadás címe: The black holes and neutron stars in the galaxy: new facts and views

Helye: Wigner FK RMI III. ép. Tanácsterem

Ideje: 2022. március 20., hétfő  d.e. 11 óra [SZOKÁSOSTÓL ELTÉRŐ NAP]



The knowledge of compact stellar remnants, neutron stars and black holes, has greatly expanded in recent years. Many of the dogmas of the past were refuted and we face a new era in which the pieces of the puzzle are difficult to fit, but on the other hand many opportunities to contribute appear. I shall discuss in this seminar some of the latter, including the masses and mass distribution of both objects, their birth in stellar collapses and other events, and related topics.