János Balog won the Main Prize, Róbert Szipőcs and György Vankó won the Physics Award.
A new Special Issue with two of our colleagues as Guest Editors in the Open Access journal Nanomaterials is open for submissions.
Péter DOMOKOS, director of the Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics of the Wigner RCP and leader of the Quantumoptics Group has been elected by the American Physical Society to be the 'Divisional Associate Editor' of the Physical Review Letters from 2020 to 2023, in the division of the 'Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics'.
Nature Communications Magazine reports that researchers have managed to create quantum entanglement in a hot, multiparticle atomic cloud. One of the authors in the article is Géza Tóth, an employee of the Wigner Physics Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, who participated in the project with entanglement-related calculations.
"We, who could become his colleagues, were lucky to have been able to work together with such a knowledgeable and modest person. Győző will be missed but not forgotten by the research community in Hungary and abroad."