Femtoszkópia Kutatócsoport
Theoretical Physics

Group leader: Tamás CSÖRGŐ, Member of Academy of Europaea

Webpage: http://femtoscopy.kfki.hu/

Publications of the group: link to the database of the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography


The Femtoscopy Research Group is an organizational unit of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, established on January 1st of 2012, with the leadership of Tamás Csörgő, Member of Academy of Europaea. The task of the group is to establish new theoretical and experimental methods as well as to further develop already existing methods to measure distances and time on the typical space and time scales of high energy particle and nuclear physics, corresponding to processes on the femtometer (or 10-15 m) length and femtometer/speed of ligth (approximately 3 x 10-24 sec) time scales.

On the picture above you can see the members of the Femtoscopy Research Group in the company of Roy J. Glauber (Harvard) , Nobel Lauerate in physics and his partner, before the main gate of Building III of  Wigner RCP of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in July 2012. First row: Tamás Csörgő, Atholie Rosett (Boston) Roy J. Glauber (Harvard) and András Ster. Second row: Márton Nagy, János Sziklai, Márton Vargyas and Máté Csanád (ELTE).