Date: 2022. június 7-8.

The 12th ET symposium is a milestone of the Einstein Telescope project. The ET project is on the ESFRI roadmap since July 2021.  A collection of European research institutions, universities and research teams is on the way to establishing the Einstein Telescope Collaboration. That is the primary goal of the conference.

The details of the ET organisation will be discussed with the participants and the scientific and technological challenges for the realisation of the Einstein Telescope will be presented.


Scientific organising committee: Stefano Bagnasco, Marica Branchesi, Domenico D'Urso, Andreas Freise, Gianluca Gemme, Frank Linde, Peter Lévai, Harald Lueck, Michele Maggiore, Ed Porter, Michele Punturo, Achim Stahl, Patrice Verdier 

Local organising committee: László Árpád Gergely, Balázs Kacskovics, László L. Kiss, Robert Kovács, István Lemperger, János Majár, József Molnár, István I. Rácz, Mátyás Vasúth, Peter Ván (chair).

More information: https://indico.ego-gw.it/event/411/