This workshop will bring together researchers from both academia, laboratories and industry. With presentations about the current and future opportunities and developments in Additive Manufacturing with particular relation to those that have accelerator applications. This discussion will include applications in the field of materials for superconductors, developments of processes and commonalities between accelerators technologies and other areas like aerospace and construction engineering.

8 April 2019 - Budapest

Participation is free, subject to registration

Application deadline:  28 March 2019


9h15- 9h25: Maurizio Vretenar [Cern]– Welcome speech
9h25-9h50: Louise Geekie [Croft Additive Manufacturing] –  “Broad presentation of AM technology”
9h50-10h15:  Toms Torims [RTU] – “Overview of AM current trends, recent developments and applications in particle accelerators”
10h15 – 10h35 - Coffee break
10h35-11h00:  Alex Leung [UCL] – “AM and beamlines applications”
11h00-11h25: Carmine Senatore [UNIGE] – “Control of the microstructure and performance requirements for superconductors”
11h25-11h50: David Grech [RHP] – “AM and RHP industrial advanced applications”
11h50-12h25: Frank Brückner [Fraunhofer IWS] – “Future trends of the mosaic of AM technologies of interest to the accelerator physics applications”
12h25 – 13h15 - lunch break – finger food
13h15-14h00: interactive session
14h00-14h25: Oleg Malyshev [UKRI STFC ] – “Thin films for superconducting cavities and AM”
14h25-15h00: Nicolas Delerue [LAL ] – “3D printing for Ultra-High Vacuum applications”
15h00 – 15h20 - Coffee break
15h20-16h20: interactive session -panel discussion
16h20 – 17h00: Networking- Buffet