Előadó: Nógrádi Dániel (ELTE)

Az előadás témája: Vector fields and RG flows in 4 dimensions

Az előadás időpontja: 2021. május 21., 14 óra

Helyszín: videokonferencia, a video linkje: https://cern.zoom.us/j/61061215615?pwd=MUZYcmtRQ2xaWFJwUm1mUC9EZzZGdz09


The 1-loop RG flows in the most general local, renormalizable, Euclidean, classically scale invariant and globally SU(N) invariant theory of vector fields is computed. The total number of dimensionless couplings is 7 and several asymptotically free RG flows are found which are not gauge theories but nonetheless perfectly well-defined Euclidean QFT's. The set of couplings is extended to 9 with the most general globally SU(N) invariant ghost couplings and Yang-Mills theory is shown to emerge on a particular RG flow. Several marginal gauge symmetry breaking deformations of Yang-Mills theory are also found. Based on 2103.17136 [hep-th].