Előadó: Krisztina Márton (Wigner FK RMI NFO), Endre Bokor (student at Imperial College London (UK), NKFIH - UK GYAK fellowship), Viktor Veszprémi (Wigner FK)

Előadás címe: Study of vector boson + heavy flavour jets production in the CMS experiment

Helyszín: 2-es épület Médiaterem, illetve Zoom: https://cern.zoom.us/j/67590004845?pwd=TmhMaVpCOFhQZ3RCRUJwVUVMSFV0dz09

Dátum: 2022. szeptember 19., 10:00


The production of vector boson in association with heavy flavour jets is an important process in hadron colliders. It provides high-accuracy tests of the standard model, can be used to improve Monte Carlo generators, and has an important role in Higgs precision measurements and in new physics searches. In our analysis, we are studying events with a Z boson decayed to a pair of muons or electrons, and 2 jets originating from b quarks or from c quarks, to measure the Z+bb / Z+cc cross section ratio. In this presentation, we are going to focus on the object and event selection used in this analysis, show control plots about basic kinematic quantities of the leptons and jets, and compare them with the recently published CMS analysis on Z+b production.