Előadó: Marcus Ossiander (Graz University of Technology, vendéglátó: Dombi Péter)

Előadás címe: Metaoptics for Extreme-Ultraviolet and Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Dátum: 2024. április 23. kedd, 10.00 óra

Helyszín: 1-es épület,  nagy előadóterem



Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light enables attosecond physics and nanoscale semiconductor lithography. Unfortunately, all materials absorb it due to its large photon energy, and no transmissive optics exist. In my talk, I will introduce how we overcome this lack of optical elements using ultrathin metasurfaces. These novel optics comprise millions of high-refractive-index nanopillars on flat substrates. The small extent of these building blocks allows researchers to mold the spatial phase of light on the sub-wavelength scale, an ability that currently revolutionizes the handling of visible light. However, for the EUV spectrum, no high-refractive-index materials exist. I will introduce how holes in silicon can act as guiding structures for EUV light, how we can exploit this fact to create metaoptics for 50-nm radiation, how we manufacture and characterize such elements, and the possible applications enabled by this first universal transmissive optics technology for the EUV. Beyond the spatial phase, metasurfaces can shape the temporal phase of light. We exploit this capability to manufacture metasurfaces with negative group delay dispersion in the visible that compress ultrafast laser pulses in transmission.