Dátum: 2024. 04. 16. 10:00

Előadó: Thomas Brougham (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; vendéglátó: Kiss Tamás)

Előadás címe: Analysis of satellite-based quantum key distribution under practical constraints

Helyszín: Wigner FK SZFI, 1. ép. 1. em. nagy előadóterem

Összefoglaló: Global quantum communication networks require efficient long-distance distribution of quantum signals. In the absence of quantum memories, optical fibre communications are range-limited due to exponential losses. Satellites offer a promising means of distributing quantum signals over intercontinental distances. However, the design of satellite quantum key distribution (SatQKD) systems presents unique challenges over terrestrial networks. For example, the limited transmission times between satellites and their ground stations impose severe constraints. We present modelling of the efficient Bennett-Brassard protocol (BB84), using decoy pulses. The analysis takes account of many realistic constraints. The modelling is based on our open source SatQuMA software suite. Our results can be used to both guide the design and analysis of future missions, and to provide performance benchmarks.