Materials Science by Nuclear Methods

Group leader: György VANKÓ

Website: mffo.rmki.kfki.hu/X-ray_spectroscopy

Publications of the group: link to the database of the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography

In the course of its research, the group studies the electron configuration of transition metal compounds that have special conduction and  excitation properties, chiefly using  X-ray spectroscopic techniques based on synchrotron radiation. The major systems examined are oxides with strongly correlated electrons and the functional molecules that have a great importance and potential in molecular switches, solar energy use, photo-catalysis and molecular biology. In addition to static examinations, we have recently been making an important effort to use the methods of X-ray spectroscopy for examining the dynamics of electronic and molecular structures, applying them as probes in femtosecond time-resolution experiments.

The subsidy won in 2013, in the framework of the MTA Lendület programme , provides the opportunity for new research, enabling us to set up a femtosecond transient optic absorption installation in the HELIOS laboratory of the research center, in collaboration with the Ultra-fast, highintensity light-material interactions group. This installation offers new possibilities for exploring the elemental steps of the transformations of functional molecules.