An article, written by Miklós Veres (leader of the Nanostructures and applied spectroscopy Research Group) and researchers of the University of Szeged, has been published on the cover page of the Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry.
The High Energy Physics Conference of the European Physical Society was organized between 26-30 July 2021, in the on-line space, by the University of Hamburg and the DESY Laboratory. The 2021 Gribov Medal (established by the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society in 2001 for the EPSHEP 2001) has awarded Bernhardt Mistlberger from the SLAC Laboratory (USA).

As a distinguished guest of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Prof. dr. Johann Rafelski (University of Arizona) spends a research visit in the framework of a Fulbright Professorial Exchange Program between USA and Hungary in the time June - July 2020. He collaborates with Tamás Biró and his NAPLIFE team on quark-gluon plasma and novel fusion techniques.


Our colleague Örs LEGEZA has been awarded by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)  of Technische Universität München with the Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship. This program is dedicated to international scientists who intend to explore innovative, high-risk topics in their scientific research areas together with a TUM Research Group. Örs LEGEZA, leader of the Strongly Correlated Systems Research Group, has outstanding results in the development of novel algorithms based on tensor product factorization.

A book entitled "Electrochemical Methods of Nanostructure Preparation" written by our colleague, László PÉTER, has been published by Springer Nature in April 2021.